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International brands landing in Vietnam post-haste

The big guys in the fields of fast food, drinks, luxurious consumer goods have all set foot in the Vietnamese market, where the annual average income per capita is only $1,200, but the upper class is getting rich quickly.

On July 16, the world’s leading fast food group McDonald’s announced it has chosen Nguyen Bao Hoang, the founder of Good Day Hospitality and CEO of IDG Ventures as the franchise partner in Vietnam. The first McDonald’s shop would be opened in HCM City in early 2014.

Prior to that, in April, The Pizza Company, a fast food brand belonging to Thai Minor Food Group officially made its presence in HCM City.

In late 2012, a subsidiary of IPP Group became the franchise partner of Burger King, an US fast food supplier. The first shops of Burger King were opened in Hanoi and HCM City in early 2013.

In the drinks market segment, just [...]

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